Saturday, 10 April 2021

UNIVERSE // Music Zine vol.1


Music Zine vol.1

Edit & Design by Forrest Lau | @4res
Illustration by Shoko Matsuki | @shokomatsuki

Here I'd like to share our new music zine!
We chose our favorite music reminding us of UNIVERSE.
Our zine consists of two parts.
Forrest made beautiful collages for his part and I illustrated for my own.
I'm happy to show one of my favorite pages.

You can also purchase a copy via Zine Coop Shop.


Saturday, 2 January 2021

Happy 2021

I am happy to welcome a new year after one of the hardest year for everyone of us.
The year 2020 was emotionally exhausting and the pandemic reality is still hard but I really appreciate for my friends and family who share anxiety and care each other. 
Here I would like to strongly hope 2021 will bring us more happiness to live in this world.

Here in this year, I would love to spend more time for reading books!

January has began with this book which I had stopped reading a while ago.
So it's a nice idea to finish firstly :)