Wednesday, 29 April 2020

In the end of a day

easy lemon ginger

I preserved leftover lemons from the lemon cake into sugar.
I enjoy this as lemon tea and also hot lemon ginger.
It's super simple the second one; add one or two slices of pickled lemon, a few teaspoon of ginger powder and lemon into hot water. It is a nice reward for the end of a day.
It is caffein-free and gently warms your throat and body.
Especially these days, I'm easily tired because of the disappointing politics and sad news so decided to remove news app, twitter or fb messenger apps from my iPhone.
Now I appreciate my time taking time to drink a cup of lemon ginger and writing a diary before going to bed.


Yesterday afternoon, the fields in my hood.
Farmers prepare to seed and soils are ready to grow potatoes.

Monday, 27 April 2020

Refreshing Yellow

In the early morning, I did yoga soon after waking up. Since I didn't yoga yesterday, my body becomes inflexible again. It was a total disappointment.
I felt as if my heart were in a box.

Then I started to prepare a lemon cake. Yoga is such a good excuse to eat pastries. Take one lemon from the fridge and pour hot water over it to remove the waxes. Once lemon zest is prepared, the fresh smell fulfilled the kitchen.
The morning sunshine was gently penetrating from the small kitchen window.
And I breathed deeply. Now I feel my body and heart connects once again.




Wednesday, 22 April 2020

New Normals

my schedule book
Anxiety & depression caused by this pandemic affect me, too. Or a huge disappointment on politics also consumes a lot of energy and make me feel powerless, numb and empty. Sometimes, I almost gave up hoping our future and believing people and society.

However time passes with cruelty.
I got gradually disgusted with staying at home without any plan or ambition. So I determined myself to keep a record of everyday life: daily activities, my health condition and some small works I do.  At first, opening the schedule book is so painful. It's because these pages were almost blank...

youtube yoga practices

Another good thing is to start yoga again.
I had practiced yoga long time ago though my body still remembers some postures, luckily.
I can't do it perfectly however at least I enjoy the inflexibility and imperfectness of my body. 
Now Yoga is my new normal and voila, I can keep it up for nearly 2 months !!

As I wrote in the previous post, I also do daily baking. The texture of the doughs is so comfortable to touch. However the taste is, everything will be in our body and gives us energy to survive. 
As you might notice, I eat too much obviously... :P

Monday, 20 April 2020

Live Through This


As everybody does, baking has been my new daily routine since last month.
I make a pastry a day. 
Today I made a crumble blueberry cake for afternoon snacks.
I used blueberries picked from my family garden. It was the first time for me to make crumbles though it was easy and tasted good... :)