Monday, 24 February 2020

Trip to Sendai 03

My grandmother's

Every year, my grandparents had traveled around Japan since 1965, 
one year after Tokyo Olympic.
When they visited Tohoku area, it was always a pleasure for my grandmother to get a Kokeshi, a doll traditionally crafted in this area. 
Until 1990s, she collected as many as 11 Kokeshi, and it is now her small collection. 

I visited Sendai, the biggest city in Tohoku last month 
where I never failed to fall in love with Kokeshi.
Frankly, I was totally indifferent to Kokeshi that my grandmother has.
 And I was even surprised
 when my Norwegian friend returned Tokyo with several vintage Kokeshi from her trip Tohoku ! 
This time, it was my turn.

I was instantly fascinated by the beauty 
when seeing Kokeshi displayed at one of the shop in Sendai. 
Each Kokeshi has different face, patterns and shape according to its craftsman and the area where it was crafted...

At an independent book store in Sendai, I came across one second-hand book ( a small dictionary listing name and address of traditional Kokeshi craftsman. )
 I felt my next duty is
 to look for a craftsman who made old Kokeshi in my grandmother's collection.

Here is the drawing of Kokeshi in her collection.
 My duty is almost done 
but I need to know who crafted this Kokeshi wearing Kimono.
i need to know who crafted this kokeshi !